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  • The Day that Didn’t Exist
    So far in my life, I have lived a total of 19,644 days. There was one day; however, that up until recently, I would actively lie to myself and would deny it had ever happened. Not even a triple dog dare would get me to share that story with anyone.
  • Hell Yes! Days
    I was afraid to let go and allow myself to fully feel the emotions I thought would drown me. I didn’t trust me to honor my emotions without losing myself in them, held captive and depraved. I tried to control the ride and the outcome by suppressing my soul only to create a mechanical projection … Read more
  • How I Got My Power Back
    I had friends and I would share my hopes and dreams with them, but I didn’t turn to them when the days were hard and I felt like giving up. When I didn’t know what step to take next or was overwhelmed by all that I needed to get done, I hid that from them. They didn’t know about the days where I hated myself for my lack of follow through and sustained motivation. I didn’t tell them when my anxiety was at a ten and I didn’t know how I would get to tomorrow. It was ultimately just me and more often than not, it felt very lonely.
  • Am I Really that Bad?
    I don’t know if this is an intentional feature of the Challenging Negative Self-Talk exercise or more a side effect of living by committee. (I swear that’s how my life feels.) Or a little of both, but I have found myself doubting some of the answers I wrote to the prompts back in June when … Read more
  • Finding the Truth Spot
    Respecting my own boundaries allows me to be fully present. While respecting another’s boundaries allows them to be fully present. It allows us to drop our masks and our pretenses and stand arm in arm in authenticity.

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